Modulation Wheel changes volume slightly

I want to put some modulation on my Halion Sonic SE instrument on track 3,
but the modulationwheel changes only the volume slightly…? No modulation…
The Sustainpedal and the Pitchwheel is working fine.
How can i assign this right? (Modulation to the modulationwheel)
See my picture for more info on what I have tried.


Is this a general problem, or specific to a particular preset? (i.e. try it on a different preset, see if the problem persists :wink: )

Thank you for your answer.

I have the “Clean Blues Harp NoteExp” -sound on track3 and no modulation.
When I change track3 to eg “Amped Blues Harp NoteExp” the modulationwheel works normal.
“Warm Chorused Strat” has modulation, The two “Latin Acordions” have no modulation.
Some instruments have, some not.


When I klick on MIDI -> Ctrl and activate MW (Filter modulation Wheel (1)) in the Halion Sonic SE for the “Amped Blues Harp NoteExp” , the modulation wheel stops to work.