Modwheel / Fader sensitivity

Hello everyone,

I guess this is a dumb question but here it goes anyway… I’ve just bougth a komplete A61 keyboardand I’m happy with it. However, it seems like the modwheel isn’t so sensitive. I mean whenever I record CC1 (on automation lane) there are some “freezes” and “bumps”… This happens in few ms but it is noticeable.

I was wondering if this was a sensitivy issue ? Are modwheel and fader (let’s say Korg Nano Control or whatever) the same ? Is it just a question of feeling or does it have more sensitivity ?

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Actually, you should check this in the NI Controller Editor first. Open the CE then highlight the ModWheel CC (1) then on the panel to the right select the Assign tab and make sure the range is set from “0” to “127”. I’ve based this on my S88 Mk2 so yours may be slightly different. Check the manual for detailed explanation for your model.


The issue could be something else, but I would start here to verify that you are set to full range. You also might want to try posting at the NI KK forum too:
Komplet Kontrol forum


thank you very much for your answer ! I checkout my controller editor and the values are exactly the same as yours… I read the manual one more time but nothing helped me. Anyway, thanks a lot ! I’ll post on the Komplete Kontrol forum !

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