MODX & external AudioInterface

I used to successfully record midi in different trucks from modx and then convert into different audio trucks in Cubase following instructions from a video of Dom Sigalas in YouTube.

I have added in my system an external Audio Interface to record mic/guitars etc. I am still able to record different midi trucks from MODX but unable to convert them into sound.

I have tried using as my ASIO the AI, MODX or even aggregate them to one devise through MacOS functionality with no luck. It seems I now cannot even do what I was doing before even if I discard the AI.

I am thinking that it can be something simple in relation to routing of physical connections.

Anyone with experience on the topic that can help me out.

Two options. Set up modx as an external instrument and physically plug it into the audio interface. You can then record its output. Or to record as you used to temporarily change the driver back to the modx and record how you used to. I am assuming that you did actually record the output of the modex and you don’t just mean monitoring it?

Remember midi is not audio. It is just information about what note you played etc. Not an audio file. You don’t actually convert from an external synth. You have to record it.

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Additionaly to what @mkok just stated, I would suggest to keep the ASIO AI driver as the one used by Cubase (which AI, by the way ?). After this, check, in the Studio > Audio connections window that everything is set correctly : you should have, in both Inputs and Outputs panels, the same busses defined as inputs/outputs physically available on your AI.

Now, if you want to record the audio signal coming from the MODX, be sure that the audio outputs of your MODX is connected rightly to the line inputs of the AI and be sure that audio tracks have been created to receive it.

Beside this, which Cubase version do you have (Pro, Artist,…) ? If you have the Pro version and want to record audio in real time, you can use the dummy bus technique, after having set the MODX as an External Instrument. See here, for more details (I am using a Vsti , but it works the same way with the External Instrument feature, as they also appear in Cubase in the Instrument Rack section) :

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The MODX has an audio interface, so you can record it straight into cubase, 10 channels at once.

When you installed another audio interface, it probably got selected in Cubase, so now it doesn’t use the MODX interface.
You still have MIDI, but can’t record audio.

You can only use one audio interface at a given moment, so you need to design a workflow that takes this into account.

Check the Cubase manual for Studoo setup, audio connections etc.

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I am using Cubase Elements 12, the AI is MotuM4 and the output lines of MODX are connected to the Line Ins at the back of the MOTU. I now understand that those inputs are only for monitoring and I cannot use them for recording (right?)

Then, I have tried using MODX driver to record and MODX is connected through usb to the computer but I still cannot record audio in one of the audio channels I created (exactly what I used to do before adding the AI).

I am going to try to disconnect completely the AI and try again basically the old setup to make sure it’s a connection problem.

I was hoping that it might be an option in cubase I may be missing

Wrong… :grin:
As soon as these inputs are defined as input busses in the Studio > Audio connections > Inputs panel, you are able to record their incoming audio signals. Of course, you’ll also have to set audio tracks with their inspector Input Routing setting pointed to them (1).

Check also your MODX settings : I don’t know how it is organized but maybe something is wrong in them. Beside this, I still would avoid the use of the MODX driver, unless it really brings something special, such as remote control, presets editing, IOW, something that Cubase can’t help for, natively.

EDIT : (1) i.e., here are the inputs I have defined (both in the Inputs and External instruments panels of my Audio connections window:

The important point is that all these reflects EXACTLY what is available and used in my setup.


You can, but it will only record the mixed Stereo Out of the MODX (which might be very well the only thing you need/want).

When you use the MODX internal audio interface, you can record up to 5 stereo Parts at once, each on its own track in Cubase, and further process and mix them.

All that without any loss in quality, as opposed to convert to analog->go into the MOTU->convert back to digital.

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Apologies for maybe missing something obvious or have been mentioned before. I am still unable to record (even in one channel). I now noticed that the metronome and the instrument LABS which is based on the computer do not sound at all. As a new user I will put photos of my configuration in next posts :hot_face:

EDIT: Sound of any other program, web, etc plays fine

OK. All this indeed seems to be correctly set. So, I’m going to bother you with added inquiries… :grinning:

  • Could you also post screenshots of both the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel and its sub -panel supposedly named M4 ASIO (or something like that…) ?
  • IMPORTANT : do you have any activity shown in the Audio performance meter ? If not, try to use the Reset button that is in the Audio System pane, eventually several times.

Sadly, you can’t configure your MODX as an external instrument with the Elements version. But this doesn’t prevents you to be able to record an incoming signal coming from it, in a stereo audio track with an Input routing set as Stereo in (input 3 + 4). But this will work if the M4 ASIO driver is both recognized by Cubase and active (activity visible in the Audio preformance meter). From which, my two inquiries above…

I also realise that the Midi channels are routed fine to MODX, then Analogue signal is coming out of MODX and I can hear it through the AI ONLY if i choose direct monitoring.

Also, now (maybe after a restart) the software instrument is playing ok but I cannot hear the metronome

Audio performance window shows activity when soloing Midi trucks (or with software instrument)

… what solved the problem

and excellent help from Motu’s live support :top: :top: :top: :top: :top:

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And as a new user running the LE of 12 ai it took me several hours to realize that this version doesn’t allow modx to be used as an instrument. :joy: