MODX Instrument Library for Dorico 3.5.12

First off let me say I love Yamaha and Steinberg! I’ve owned Yamaha’s Motif ES rack then the MOFX 88 and currently the MODX 88. I’ve also been using Cubase 8 thru now Cubase 11. I download Dorico SE about a year ago and was amazed at how accurate and easy it is to use. I went on to purchase Dorico Elements 3.1 and recently upgraded to 3.5.12. My issue or question is whether there is currently a Dorico Instrument Library file for the Yamaha MODX? Or a way of converting an existing MODX Instrument Library to a file that Dorico can read? I’ve managed to integrate a MODX Library file into Cubase and also found a GM Instrument Library file that works in Dorico. But it sure would be nice to find a Yamaha MODX Instrument Library file that Dorico can read?? Thanks in advance for any info.

You would need: the actual instrument samples, and a VST player to play them. (Plus Expression Maps.) How did you get the MODX samples playing in Cubase?

I have my computer connected to my MODX via USB midi. So Dorico just plays the sound samples on the MODX. I just want to be able to select the sounds per track I want from inside of the Dorico app.

I got an instrument definition file for the MODX from John Melas via his website ( I use his apps to edit sounds and pretty much everything else on the MODX via the computer. It’s been a while so I’ll have to step back thru the process and get back to you. But if I remember correctly I had to rename the file extension I got from Melas and simply drop it into the correct folder in the User directory on my Windows computer. I’ll retrace that process and get back to you asap. It’s great because now I can simply hit the instrument section/tab in Cubase and a dropdown with all the sounds on my MODX shows up to choose from.!

Ok, I just retraced my steps. Apparently you just have to change the definition file extention to .txt Here’s a link to the whole description of how to do it. It’s in French but have your computer translate it to English. Scroll about 25% down the page to get right to the install directions. Fichier Script / Patch Name Cubase pour Montage OS 2.50 et MODX OS 1.10 : - Moessieurs

Oh, right: you mean playing the keyboard device directly from Dorico over MIDI, rather than creating a virtual synth within the computer.

You can certainly get Dorico to play the keyboard: just set it up in the “MIDI Instruments” panel in Play mode, as you would for a VST. I’m not sure that there is any configuration file, but I could be wrong.