Modx8 midi performance volume can't be changed with Cubase Mixconsole Fader​

Using MODX8 with cubase 10. Recording midi tracks in cubase. When mixing volume in the mixconsole I can adjust all performances, except one… a modx string sound “Solo 1stViolin AF1”. The fader doesn’t affect the volume, can’t turn it up or down.

The Issue Was Sent To Yamaha Support, who provided the following information that corrected the issue which was that volume was programmed into the modwheel of the MODX and this is how to delete that programming:

Okay, this is a two part answer, since the the programmer assigned some parameters to the superknob. Those will need to be deleted.

Load the voice in one of the first 8 tracks (so you can use the kbd/ctrl feature), then:

  1. Go to part 1.
  2. Press Edit
  3. Select Mod/Control
  4. Select Control Assign.
  5. Tap Auto Select
  6. Move the super knob to see what Assignable’s are active.

NOTE: You’ll notice that Volume is assigned.

  1. Press “Delete” in the lower right.
  2. select part 2 and repeat steps 1-6

That was the first part. There are still some volume levels that need to be re-assigned. The second part is done from the main screen:

  1. Press the [EDIT] button.
  2. Select a part (using the part buttons).
  3. Tap ‘element 1’.
  4. Tap ‘Amplitude’.
  5. Tap ‘level/pan’.
  6. Set the level in the first column to 127.
  7. Press the [PART] button.
  8. Select your second part and repeat steps 1-6
  9. It’s up to you to decide (from the main screen) to tap the kbd/ctrl teal icons in order for the parts to be linked.

Be sure to save this as a new performance in order to use it again.