MOGG import in WaveLab

Feature request: please add MOGG (Multichannel OGG) file import to WaveLab. We currently have OGG import, not MOGG import (if I’m not missing something…). Thanks.

I think you’ll find that opening ANY multichannel files is a bit of a challenge to Wavelab…changes have been asked for (and promised!) for many many many many years.

From the WL 25 year celebration interview with Philippe Goutier:-

### Can you give us a sneak peek of version 11?

I like to believe that WaveLab is the best stereo audio editor. Now the time has come to make it the best multi-channel audio editor. The trend is also towards having more video and podcasting support.

Of course, traditional stereo editing will never be forgotten in WaveLab and all requests from users are always carefully considered. There are many things in the pipeline. Just like when I started developing WaveLab in the mid-90s, these are exciting times!

So, I’m going to guess that they’ll be aiming for a release of WL11 by end of Q1 2021; meaning, maybe not that long a wait now… :wink:

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it was supposed to be in 10 wasn’t it ? I’d be interested so see how (if) it’s supported. In 2020(1!) you need atmos and probably binaural too…5.1 isn’t going to be enough any more

Hope it’s not another ‘montage’ work-around.

fingers very firmly crossed :slight_smile:

Indeed - could be mighty disappointing this; since the beauty would also be, in having proper co-ordinated support for this, across products… WaveLab, Cubase, Nuendo and maybe even SpectraLayers too…

Sadly, as I read, two or more years after a ‘proposal’ was seemingly put forward for a solution to handle more than 64 discreet channels in the VST SDK, there’s still no evidence of any progress on that…

Though of course, I know nothing. I might be wrong and it might all be happening behind the scenes right now…!

Have a look here:-
VST3 HOA Support > 3rd order - Developer / VST 3 SDK - Steinberg Forums

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