Mojave support

Any news on Mojave support? My new computer comes with it…

1.double post :imp:
2.If there is any news, you will find it here, or on the steinberg site :unamused:

Apple will show their new line on Tuesday, my computer is no longer supported so I have to get a new one NOW. I will probably order it with Logic. If cubase does not work I will have to learn logic fast!

I can report that Cubase 9.0.40 is unstable with Mojave on my 2012 iMac. I’m muddling through.

Steinberg will announce in November how the compatibility breaks down, but I wouldn’t expect smooth operations with Mojave right now.

I knew the current version is likely to be unstable on Mojave. And that the update, which I’ll probably have to pay for, will be compatible.
This post is more a way to remind Steinberg that every year some people, like me, can’t produce for about a month because of that update thing. What am I supposed to do until the Cubase update? Just stop producing?

If you prefer to have the newest OS instead of an older one that therefore works - yes.

As I said in the original post, my computer came with it.

I don’t know why Apple always mess with audio stuff. Cubase isn’t the only program to have issues in the recent past since MacOS went free.
They are terribly slow to update. Just some posts about how they are working on a patch would help

It is very strange that they did not fix it in 9.5.40.

Apple does not mess with anything. Not sure I understand what you mean there.

Yeah they do. Couple of versions ago DAWs all over the place we’re having issues.There was a big problem with a lot of VSTs too. I use Screenflow and they had to update the audio driver on a number of occasions. Last year they had to rewrite the entire audio driver because of the way the iMac Pro used audio via the T2 chip. That same T2 chip is making it’s way into the newer MacBooks and probably iMacs now and very soon.

Well, there’s nothing shocking there. When Apple makes new hardware, software developers have to adapt. That’s normal.

And you have to wait until they have done so - that’ s normal.

Yes, that is true. Although, in Steinberg’s case, there are three things I find particularly annoying. First, Cubase 9.5 will never be compatible with Mojave, and the update will cost around £100. Second, when being told that someone has compatibility issues with the latest OS (that came with the computer, it’s not like I disregarded their recommendations and updated), Steinberg’s answer is basically the polite version of “f**k off and wait”. And finally, given the amount of time they take to release the update, I’m pretty sure they start working on it when the OS is released for the customers (betas are distributed all summer so that developers can work on compatibility).
So, of course I understand that a new version of Cubase does not magically appear on their website on the day when OS updates are distributed to the public, but Steinberg is the only audio software company that needs months to update their apps when OS updates or new hardware are released, and I find this particularly annoying.

I’m more annoyed at Apple. I regularly get pop up telling me to upgrade but they never elude to any problems that might occur.
I’m still slumming it on Sierra on my top custom spec late 2012 iMac as when they introduced high Sierra they stop signing the graphics driver. They now use ATI gpus so every time I booted up into High Sierra I would get a pop up telling me my graphics driver was out of date. Even downloading the official driver from nvidia didn’t solve that. Performance was noticeable impacted as it was resorting to a generic Mac driver and I lost all my cuda support. So effectively High Sierra isn’t compatible with my computer. They’re crettins.


  • addictive drums doesn’t work on high Sierra and above…