Mojave - unable to even find my eLicencers

I"ve just upgraded to Mojave on Mac, and have downloaded Cubase 10 Elements (no issues there).

Problem is that when I start elicenser Control Centre (latest version), it keeps saying “Reading eLicencers”, never finds my USB e-Licencer, and never lets me input the activation code for C10E (or finds my old one for C8E).

Thinking of rolling back to High Sierra as I need Cubase for voice overs constantly (luckily it’s a few days public holiday at the moment).


Try to follow this or this article, please.

Once you upgraded, did you went in the System Prefs Security page to authorize all your softwares. General tab, in the bottom of the window you’ll probably have a button that says: Authorize… I know that iLok Licence manager needs to be authorize after the upgrade.