Molto vibrato


I’ve always been very surprised by the omission of the molto vibrato articulation in the default list of techniques. I create my own custom technique, but wonder if this is instead already available, but under a different name.


Look under saxophone player.

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Wonder if that is supposed to say something about sax players LOL. Of course they say, the best guitar players listen to sax players.

I met, by mere chance, the ‘Wide Vibrato’ articulation. Is maybe this one the English equivalent of ‘molto vibrato’?


This very wide wiggly line is most often used for e.g. electric guitar. I’m not sure how often it’s used in more conventional acoustic contexts.

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I see the molto vibrato playback technique has not been added in subsequent versions of Dorico. Due to the importance of this technique, I wonder if it has to be entered under a different name.


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I also ran into this when writing my latest score; no “molto vibrato” technique. Also surprised it was not in the default list. So instead, I just used the existing technique “vibrato” and edited the name for the technique to read ‘molto vib.’. Since the VST doesnt have a different sample or keyswitch for molto anyways, changing the name of the technique is for adding the specific indication on printed score.

Initially I used the normal ‘vibrato’ technique on the score and changed the technique option to enable “Suffix” on the ‘vibrato’ technique (“Active Properties, Global”) to add “molto” as suffix text. But that made it engrave the score as “vib. molto” which is backwards and confusing. The ‘molto’ should be a prefix not a suffix. So then I was additionally surprised that all the technique options only allow additional “Suffix” but do not allow additional “Prefix”.

So that is two surprises:

  1. ‘molto vib.’ is not in the stock list of techniques
  2. Modifying options on a technique does not allow “Prefix” text, only “Suffix” text.

Hello colleagues,
Here is a request that I posted before about various vibratos and trills, unfortunately haven’t been answered.

@Paolo_T, unfortunately until the integration of Tempo data transfer to VST instruments it wont be possible for us to have good control over the vibrato and trills.

I hope the team will improve this aspect of Dorico, too! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,