Monday's virus. (July-9-2012) Any Prep?

Aloha guys,

For those that have their DAW ‘puters on-line
How are you guys preparing for this?
If at all.

You can check here:

My 2 DAW’s have never been on the net so no worries there, my other 4 computers are fine too, I checked with

All good on my end … checked them out earlier this week.

Steve will probably be hooped though :laughing:

Seals didn’t get Bin Malware eh! :laughing:

Its always a good idea to run these anyway, they do a great job of keeping DNS changer from working, and they are free for PC
The DNS changer has been around forever and easy to beat I wouldn’t worry about it. Install Chrome on your system also instead of IE.
Hope all is well for everyone on it…