Monitor and recording a signal while listen to the track

I think an example will be better for this. Let’s say I’m recording voice tracks, So far no problem.

When we finish the main take, while listen to it some errors are found so we have to punch it some parts.

First Problem, while listing to the tracks, I can’t hear the singers while they are trying to say “hey! I can do this part better”.

So we began to record the parts that need to be fixed, the singers said “please, can I sing over my other voice until you hear that I’m Ok in time, then can you mute it?”

Second Problem, the singer can’t hear his monitor and the playback track

Now pass that to a multiple singers part (with all the singers being recorded at the same time in different mics)

I’m kind of sure that there’s a quick simple solution for this but I can’t find it in the manual.

My workaround its to duplicate the tracks and enable monitor in them, but it’s kind of tedious when I have several mics.

Any tips?



Definitely the solution to the issues above (see Cubase 7 Operation Manual - ‘The Control Room’ p.211 and for an overview - looks awesome but as I work out of a space the size of SteveInChicago’s Cobra Basket - I don’t get to play around with these features ha ha)! :laughing:

Ah, but the basket is infinite in size. :ugeek:

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Nope, I use the cues without problem but what you send to a cue mix is still one of two

  1. The recorded track.
  2. The monitor of the track to be recorded.

So if I’m listening to what I just recorded (that’s monitoring off), and the singer wants to say something to me, I will not hear him unless I active the monitor in the track, maybe he just wanted to said “yeah that was ok” so we continue the listening.

Looking in the “Auto monitoring” option (thanks to David Floyd for the tip) I know now that isn’t possible what I want to do (listed the monitor and the already recorded track content) without duplicate the track and let the monitor of that track always on. :cry:

BTW I need a new basket :confused:

This can be done, easily. Not the way pointed out, but it can be done.

Without duplicate the track?..It so… how?

Yeh enough of the suspense already… solving puzzles is so much fun - whats the answer!? :slight_smile:

You need a soundcard that has its own mixer, or has a not fully implemented ASIO direct monitoring, so it doesn’ t switch the input monitor.

What I don’t get is why someone would want to sing along with a bad take.

You can monitor a track up to the punch to get the feel if you set it up right. You can hear what “talent” says by setting it up to do so easily. Not getting why this is so hard to figure out for yourself.

So basically you said nothing :confused:

Just take everything down to highway 61…
Seriously however, really this is recording 101! You’re using a decent interface so turn on direct monitoring, then follow through one of the Cubase recording audio tutorials esp. punching in and out - don’t worry if you can only find tutorials for Cubase 5 or 6.5, the methods shown are the same.

Again, I think I don’t make myself clear (sorry)

Sometimes I just want to hear the musician and the track at once without the need to choose “or monitor the input, or listen to the recorded track”

Other example, when I record some guitars (playing) sometimes I got ideas to other guitars while I’m listening to what I just play, and since I got an small amp with me in the Control Room.

But If I’m doing this with other guitarrist in the RecRoom and he needs me to tell “ok, that sound good, played again”, if I’m listening to my “guitar track” to check how was the last take, and the guitarrist play the best riff ever, I will not hear that riff, why? because I need to turn “monitor” off to be able to hear the recorded take.

This isn’t something that I need to do always, but sometimes Is needed.

Again, what I do now is create other track where I leave “monitor” always on, and I was asking if there’s someway to do this without create that track.

Check out Pg. 118 (eng. ver.) in the operation manual where the various monitoring options are explained. You don’t need to press the ‘monitor’ button!

I do this with an external mixer, vocals, guitars, whatever… But actually I could also use my Motu software mix console too - being a soundcard with it’s own mixer - to route a signal directly out as well as record it into Cubase. In fact I use this for routing multi-guitar micing sometimes. Finally, if you want to do it directly in Cubase then you have to create two tracks both with the same input, then record arm one and monitor the other, as said. I think this should give you what you need? You might have to jiggle some preferences to decouple monitoring and record arming. You would have to mute the record channel when recording (I generally have the channel selected and use M to mute/unmute). I wonder whether you could also send the input channel to a group instead of ‘monitoring’ it?


That’s the idea! I just to do this with my old EMU1820M card and his “PatchMix”, now I’m using an UR824 and it works direct into Cubase, no extra routing can be achieved (I was also trying to send some signal from my music player to a cue mix and official steinberg support told me that this isn’t possible)

So far I choose “manual” for the monitor options for this “duplicate track” trick.

Just activate ‘Punch In’ . Only new material is muted. :smiley: