Monitor Audio Leak !

Hi Guys,

I have an ABC setup of a pair of Yamaha HS7’s and a Pair of Genelec monitors, and a Denon Passive pair connected to a Presonus Monitor station V2, audio source is a Focusrite scarlett 18i20, long story short … Only on the Yamaha HS7 if I mute / lower the main volume or even switch off the source button on the Presonus monitor control while still playing back a track there is still audio leakage from the HS7 at a very low level, this does not occur on the genelecs nor the Denons even if I swap the outputs. this also happens on the headphone outs, all 4 of them on the Presonus station !

What’s driving me crazy is that if the issue is with the Monitor station why doesnt it effect the Genelecs ! is it a TS Cable Balanced/Unbalanced issue since I have only the Genelcs with XLR connection and the Denons are passive through a Sub while the HS7’s and the 4 headphones are TS/TRS.

Please note that all inputs & outputs are connected properly, the leakage is NOT noise, it is audible playback specially the high frequencies which will effect the mixing process at higher levels (On the Genelecs) unless I switch off the Yamaha’s completely.

I will highly appreciate your insight …

Some starting thoughts…

Could it be that the Yamaha’s are powered at the same source as the PreSonus Monitor Station and the the other monitors are not?

Is the PreSonus output set to “toggle mode” or “all on mode”? Toggle mode might be best here but… try the other mode just to see if things get better.

Is there a way to swap some cable connections and connect the Yamaha using the XLR cable to test it again?

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