Monitor for dance music

Hi,i am looking to buy studio monitors as I was using just pc speakers
I have seen Samson Rubicon R5a online for sale.
future music magazine used to have them in their top 2 for ages.
anyone know if id be wasting my money buying them for monitoring dance music?
I only have £300 to spend on monitors.
can anyone recommend monitors suitable for dance music at this price?
also,i would like to buy headphones £150 or less,can anyone recommend what might do my job?


For dance music I recommend any good monitor with a larger woofer (about 7 to 8")… smaller will give a distorted/ incorrect bass response… I use Yamaha HS8… not the best but good enough for me…

would a Samson sub be good addition to the 5inch monitor? or waste of time

I used to have a 5.1 system on another PC… I always felt overpowerd by the sub… I read on other threads and forums that adding a sub needs also some time to adjust your ears to properly. It could work, but as with any drastic change, it may take a while to get used to.

Basic studio know how tells us that a decent stereo pair in a treated room works best. Another good pointer is to know your monitors… I used to have 5" Rockits… I was always adding 2 dB bass when mixing, as I knew that that would be lacking on other speakers… third pointer… listen on multiple systems… I always print a version to MP3, to listen over my samsung phone buds and in the car as comparison…

Hope this helps.