Monitor line output for External LED VU metering Rack

I’m probably going to get kicked for posting this twice…


Is there anyway that I can listen to 2 sets of monitor outputs at the same time. The reason for this is I want monitor 1 as my main monitor set and the second I want as reference which is set to seperate output on my sound interface put sending ref signal to a an LED VU meter so that I have constent output without being affected me using my monitor knob on my sound interface.

I know I can do this with buying a seperate studio control device like a big knob but that’s money that I don’t have!

Essentaily I want Cubase master output on my Externel VU LED rack mount unit

Any help would be great.



Can´t see, which exact requirements for the reference you have, but some possibilities to start with:
Use a Cue…
Use Phones channel…
Use direct routing…
Use your soundcard…

apologies, I was referring to Control Room when I said two sets of monitors as the same time. I don’t think it’s supported as far as I know!

I have decided to cut my losses and purchase a Behriger Control 2 to solve my issue… Too much effort to rely on Cubase me thinks

Hi, you are right - selecting a pair of monitors in the control room is mutually exclusive.

My idea for you: Since you probably do not want to VU-meter the MONITORING output, but more likely the level of the signal you are going to RECORD, i.e. export out of cubase, I would suggest to connect the external Rack with the VU meters from the output channcel of the cubase mixing console (which is normally left “empty” when using the control room).

Alternatives have been mentioned, like the phones channel, etc.

HTH, Ernst

As Said you need to take a feed pre any type of volume control.,Setting Stereo out in vst connections is the simplest option.

Using the Control2 your meters will change with the level you’re monitoring at.