Monitor problem during audio recording (In the case of direct monitoring)

Hi Spork, Musicullum!

I would like to record the band rehearsal on 8 tracks, but there are two problems.
(I sent videos by email)

  1. (this is the bigger problem) You cannot turn off the monitor buttons on the recording tracks. Deactivated buttons are automatically activated when recording is started. This is a problem, because we use a Focusrite 18i20 audio interface (with direct monitoring system), and thus we get double sound.

  2. (minor problem) that during multitrack recording, the graphics of the tracks do not show the correct state. For example, if we only record on one track and then press the stop button, we see the same graphics on all eight recording tracks.
    In the second shot, the graphics are also bad. If we save the project and open it again, the recorded tracks will be displayed with the appropriate graphics on the tracks.

1.: makes sense, we will add a preference to disable auto-monitor with record.

Thank you, we hope it will be realized soon. Until then, we cannot record the band rehearsal combined with background tracks, only with Cubase, which is much more complicated.

Coming with the next version