Monitor speakers installing

i just bought monitor speaker for audio recording and playback in Cubase
How do i setup those monitors ?

Connect the relevant cables…

I am not sure what it is you want to know. I do not expect you to ask what cable goes into what output and so on so my guess is you want to know the internal routing in Cubase?
That is a very good question but do yourself a favor and get into these basics by your own learning efforts.
A good opportunity to get to know your precious DAW. Go and check these basic tutorial vid.
Connecting monitors to outputs is shown you at 7:03.
By the way I recommend the entire tutorial series on this channel.

If i got your question wrong, apologies in advance :slight_smile:

And be sure to take this advice :smiley:

Thanks all !
Yes first the cables … ; ) it is a Samson studio gt monitors with a inbuild usb audio interface
Cabling is one usb cable from the speaker to the computer and one cable to connect both speakers and last a power cable

Thanks for your effort to help me…exactly the cabling is not the problem

The internal routing is here important than… i don’t have working knowledge of this
I will study the video…[/quote]

The monitors are for audio recording and audio playback from Midi and audio tracks in Cubase …is this all possible in a setup ? …

Strange when i open HALion 4 standalone …no sound, but when i open the window media player is playing my mp3 audiofiles with the the samson studio gt monitor ( sounds good!) neil young from the past …

Oh dear, these “studio” speakers are shipped without an ASIO driver!

As they are a USB audio interface and speakers “in one”

If you are on a windows O/S then try using the ASIO4ALL driver (download from Internet and install)

You will need to select the driver in Cubase.

Not ideal…

Thanks !
It was a strong selling point…USB audio interface and speakers “in one”( and it are only speakers )
You suggests the ASIO4 all driver, but there are some more on my windows 7 system
I do have a asio driver from my audio card too
Asio 2 prodigy ( soundcard )
Asio dirext full duplex
generic low latency Asio driver
asio server – also possible from steinberg

Befor this i had a standard speakersystem and this functioning without problems…new is now that i can record with the new monitor speakers, but the rest stays the same: audio from midi tracks and audio tracks playing.

You can’t use the prodigy driver if you want to use your new speakers. The other options are all generic drivers which you can try but they usually perform rather badly.
As Split said, ASIO4all is usually your best bet in a case like this. Although ideally you’d have bought an audio interface with a dedicated ASIO driver, but that’s for next time :wink:

Well, i used now the ASIO4allv2 driver in Cubase in the device setup, but 2 midi output ports are used by the prodigy 7.1 Hifi Audio soundcard in the device setupscreen and in the VST connection screen the audio device is ASIO4allv2, but the device port is Prodigy 7.1 HIFI audio 1 + 2
It seems that i must uninstall the Prodigy 7.1 Hifi audio driver from my computersystem ?

Should have my monitorsystem have a own dedicated audio driver, than it has also a device port for it ?
Now it is occupied by the Prodigy 7.1 HIFi soundcard ?

The ASIO4ALL driver allows for multiple devices to be addressed. Select the one/s you want.

There is no device to choose for Audio device : ASIO4allv2 in this case SAMSON studio gt
I think the problem is Prodigy soundcard drivers … i tested it also on sonar x2 on the master bus
It is grabbed by the prodigy driver …
The studio gt monitor can be easily used by Sonar x1/x2 if i read the manual from the speakers.

Removing the Prodigy soundcard is probably the solution ?

setup the asio4all driver correctly?

Must be… see the enclosed picture … !
I removed the Prodigy soundcard and now is SonarX2 working with the Studio Gt monitor speakers ( i could select the speakers "Samson Studio Gt in the master bus there )

Now back to Cubase… cubase VST connections comes up with a new device Port for audio output !
HD Audio output 1
HD Audio output 2
These are from the inbuilt soundcard from the motherboard … i must disable the inbuild soundcard in the BIOS than?

Yes i disable the inbuilt soundcard too and guess what happens ?
I tested it now in Cubase and there is sound again from the midi Vsti and than also for a audio track i may assume.

After removing the soundcard and disable the inbuilt soundcard the samson speqaker could be selected
But there is a another problem risen now…
When i click outside cubase…to adjust the soundvolume or somewhere else outside Cubase… Cubase is stopping playing ?

Note: i tested it also in Sonar X2 and it is working all 100 % : i can adjust the soundvolume and do other clicks at the same time ( multi tasking ) …sonar x2 keeps playing.

Solved too…( google is your best friend ) “i released driver when application is in Background” option was on --> off
wow …thake some puzzling time to get this working the Samson monitor studio gt, but now it works as i should be i think
For commercial music recording is better to have a own dedicated audio driver than, and better monitor speakers, but that costs a lot more… i am a bedroom performer …haha
Thanks all for the help!

Rather long winded way of getting it working, but now it does :sunglasses:

Yes, that you can have with this computer setups and specially if you are eager to listen to your new speakers :slight_smile:
some music

That does sound like fun :slight_smile: