Monitor turns black randomly

I have this problem: only when Cubase is active, my monitor (Acer P235H 23") turns black randomly for a couple of seconds, and then it turns back to normal behavior.
Let’s say it would happen once every hour during Cubase usage, sometimes often, but sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. When it happens, nothing special seems to trigger the problem: often, it happens while in Play mode, but sometimes also in Stop mode.

I don’t have a dedicated video card, I use the integrated video in my processor (Intel HD Graphics, also see my signature). I have installed the last video driver, with no results. I have a dual boot system, and the problem happens on both the Windows XP and Windows 7 partitions.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


To start with… Try with another monitor.

I had the same problem with an older Acer monitor a couple of years ago. This was on a macbook though.

Thanks, ATM I don’t have another monitor availble. But you’ve made me think about something different: the monitor was connected digitally through HDMI interface. Now I’ve connected it through analog VGA: I’ll keep you informed how it goes.


Well, after some days of faultless behavior, it seems the culprit was actually the PC HDMI connection / Monitor DVI connection (I used a HDMI-on-one-side and DVI-on-the-other-side cable). On analog connection the monitor never turns black. How can that happen on HDMI/DVI connection instead?

I have this issue as well, I have two monitors on a Matrox P690, and occasionally one of the monitors (it varies which one) will blank for a second or two. It’s not really a problem, just a minor annoyance.

I have just gone from Windows XP, to Windows 7 64-bit, and it is still there. I have never had Wavelab do it though.

A solution to this would be welcome though…

Yeah that’s actually the strange part: it seemed to happen only while using Cubase.