Monitoring Different Sources

Newbie question:

I don’t have control room setup.
Why can’t I audition anything through the pool?
Seems I can only hear playback in the pool when CR is on with outputs assigned accordingly.
If I turn CR on, the metronome is not audible.
I’m sure there are some basic principles I need to learn about monitoring.

Not at my DAW the moment but I think you do have to have Control Room activated to audition these sounds. You absolutely should be ble to hear the metronome through the control room though…it has separate controls in there, on/off and level controls.

No you don´t.

With control room enabled, the metronome can / must be enabled for any bus individually in addition to the “main button” in the transport

I was looking for where to assign it in the metronome menu.
Did I miss it or is assigned somewhere else?

In the control room mixer.

Thank you sir.