Monitoring feature

I was looking forward to WL7 hoping there is a solution for monitoring, like the Monitor Room feature present in Nuendo.

I use a multi output ASIO sound card and it’s connected directly to my speakers,

  • So i really miss having an easy way from within WL7 to change the monitoring volume without having to change the Master Section volume sliders which affect the internal mastered signal path.
  • And i miss having an easy way to change through the different speaker system I have connected to the sound card output, I used to use the “asio instant playback switching” from WL6 but it’s not available in WL7

Please note that these two important features are already present in Nuendo and these are very important features to have for mastering

There is a concept issue here. If WaveLab alters the signal after the Master Section, then any dithering process is destroyed. Not good for mastering. So, what to do?

well, dithering is important for the output file, not an issue during monitoring, so if an ASIO monitor volume and output switching is available that only effect a monitoring bus, this would be nice solution
after all we are changing the volume when lowering it from the master ASIO control panel.

If you want to be rigourous, the signals coming out of the Master Section should next reach a D/A stage. Then you can change the volume…

No, the thing is I don’t want to be rigorous


I think most mastering engineers is using hardware controller or
software mixer with audio device for just this type of monitoring outside WL,
but maybe if we beg the ASIO instant playback switching will be back again !?

regards S-EH

OK, let’s beg for the asio instant playback switcher to be back, with a little bit simpler interface, and a tiny simple volume knob on the side

Ok maybe, I take note at least.