Monitoring issues in N6

Im still on the N6. I will wait for the 7.5 to come out (hopfully with qt export, I almost lost a project cause of that).

I got this misunderstanding with the monitoring system.

  1. For auditioning SFX in the media bay I have to enable the “Control room”. Or auditioning offline processes.
  2. For some reason - when auditioning offline process, it is sooo weak, like - 20dB than the source on the timeline
  3. When cntrol room is ON, It is routed to the “mains” - so I can listen to the media bay but then, working is much much louder than the real volume of the project. Sometimes I forget about the CR thing and it ruin my pre mixes (and I need to remix the whole thing without control room enabled)

Can someone help me with this?


Unless you give folks some idea of your hardware set up it’s going to be difficult to help. I had similar problems when I first set up my system but an afternoon of acquainting myself with how the hardware worked and setting up some different mix settings for different situations sorted it out.

Very Basic here.

PC–win7–RME Multiface 2 + rme virtual mixer.
1-2outs are the main outs. Phones pluged directly to the RME converter.


I use the main out for monitoring my offline provess and the media bay stuff.

When using the control room make sure your main outputs are now set to not connected otherwise you’ll be getting a duplicate of the signal.

I can’t recommend the control room enough - I still don’t understand why anyone would want to work with it disabled.

hey, Thanx.

but i dont want to change the routing all the time, Only for monitoring.
what is the reason of the offline process being so low when auditioning?

You shouldn’t need to be changing routing all the time. Simply set up the control room and disconnect your main outputs on every session as you’re monitoring through the control room from that point on.

Your offline processing probably sounds low as you have your control room monitor volume turned down.

actually, if you don’t normally use the control room setction, you don’t even need to activate control room to Audition Mediabay.

I monitor through a console, so I set the default monitor buss (which is how Nuendo previews/auditions for example Mediabay & plugins)… set the default monitor (on your VST connections page) to go to the buss you monitor from. That’s it, anytime you want to audition the results of an effect, or the mediabay, it will show up on your default monitor buss output.

If you monitor in the box, then you will need to ???


but the default monitor buss is the main out. For the vst preview I need to set a monitor out and activate the CR section.

If you are totally “In The Box” yes, if you have a console or monitoring system that can access ALL your I/O from your audio card/computer then no.