Monitoring Options in Wavelab 10

Good morning gang! This is my first post here on this forum. I am a former mastering engineer returning to my favorite craft. In Wavelab, can I listen to a stereo mix in various configurations such as L+R, L-R, L ch only, R ch only, inverted stereo (R/L), Polarity flip on one ch for phase issues?

I used to use an old McCurdy switcher that DID allow all of these, I still have it but want to learn how much of this can be done within the program. Thanks in advance!


Hey Bud,
the Audio Channel Monitoring button below the Master Level faders in the Master Section provides you with all the options you see in the screenshot.
The polarity of a signal can be flipped for each channel in the Audio Editor Process tab or via various plugins.

Pho thank you very much! This is very good to know, the one that’s missing is a L/R channel flip so that the R channel is on the left and the L channel is on the right. I didnt see this option but I can accomplish that by taking a 2nd stereo pair from my interface, routing to my Audient Nero controller with the cables flipped. It accomplishes the same thing. Thank you so much and I’m really looking forward to returning after a 15 year absence. My Company was Coastal Mastering Studios in Vancouver. BC.

There is a Steinberg plugin called Stereo Tools that comes with WaveLab that has the option to Swap left/right channels and a few other things:

Wow, this is fantastic thank you!