Monitoring processed audio whilst recording?

Hi, I’m new to Cubase (Elements 9) and am having difficulty finding how to hear myself playing (guitar) including the processed sound.

I am playing into a Roland Capture Duo that is set for both input and output.

It works in that I can record my playing onto an audio track, and hear it when played back afterwards including processed effects.

During recording I can set the Capture Duo to monitoring (there is a switch at the back for ‘no monitoring’ and stereo or mono monitoring) and hear my dry signal from this device but I would really like to hear the processed signal from Cubase. I’ve tried looking and cannot find a solution to this - I’m hoping there is something very simple that I’ve overlooked (my suspicions are that it is in the mixer control - but I haven’t yet had any luck with this).

Any help would be really appreciated - thanks,

You have to turn off direct monitoring by cubase somewhere in de device setup, then insert your fx into the audiochannel or inputchannel on which the orange speaker is enabled (monitor switch), this way you should hear your playing with effects, however I think in this way it’s recorded with the fx also, do not know if you really want this (I wouldn’t).

Thanks, and I agree with you,I would prefer to record the dry signal and not the wet one.

Presumably from what you suggest - I could add inserts to the input (as I do with the tuner tool) - but that this may/will record the effects rather than leave it dry?

I had tried various combinations of switching Cubase Direct Monitoring / Capture Duo Monitoring off - It is possible I missed the workable combination.

Yes, you should be able to add inserts for use while recording.
These should not be added to the recorded audio.

The potential problem is more likely to be one of latency when monitoring this way…(not familiar with the Roland unit so can’t say how good or bad this might be).

True, forgot to mentioned the most important back draw, kudos!!!