monitoring question

hi, this may sound a bit silly but i just want to make sure before i buy an ipad and get cubasis. I need to know if i can listen to both playing a vsti , eg piano, while singing through a mike with effects. I like to write this way. Works fine on my pc setups in the past…I just realized garage band wont do this , well i couldn’t get it to…so just checking its not an ipad thing…also will latency be an issue?

Thanks Guys…


something like the following setup is possible:

  • Connect an external keyboard to your iPad and use it to play Cubasis’ external sounds, for instance the piano. You can do this via USB or MIDI.
  • Sing through the built-in Microphone and listen to it with effects using headphones.

You can also use compatible Audio- and/or MIDI-Interfaces. You can find a list of compatible devices on the product page ( Further information about what you can do with Cubasis is available in the manual (

If you have any further questions about Cubasis let me know.

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Thank you for your help Frieder, much appreciated…