Monitoring surround in stereo (with rotation)


I’m working on a Quad track right now, and I am monitoring in stereo. What I am looking for is a way to “rotate” through the quad track in stereo. Rotate, as in make it sound through my stereo speakers as if I am “turning my head” within a Quad setup. This is very similar to how the listeners of the audio will hear it, and I was hoping to be able to mix it the same way.


The best I can think of is NX headphones by Wave. You can use the headphone tracker or a web-cam to track 3D perception. I am in the process of getting B360 so I can encode from 5.1/7.1/Stereo/Mono to Quad. I wish Cubase supported 7.1 too. I’m experimenting with this and want to be ready for any clients who want 360 audio mixes for YouTube or Face Book.