Monitoring Surround with headphones

How can I convert 5.1 or 7.1 to binaural on the master bus for monitoring purposes?
I’m not seeing this as an option in any of the panners/plugins.

You can do that with The Control Room or put the Mix 6-2 Plugin on the master.

Ummm… Mix 6-2 is a tool to downmix to stereo. Completely different from what I am asking about.
I am trying to monitor surround mixes in a binaural format.

Use the New Audio Technology SAD Plugin to do it with 5.1, 7.1, 9.2, … 22.x to Stereo.

You can switch between multi loudspeaker formations to monitor on the fly using headphones.

Have you been using it? If so, which version (Virtual Producer, Producer Plus etc.)?

I have got the Producer Plus, because it can do big setups bigger than 7.1. For 9.2 or Dolby Atmos you Need it.
But I’m just a beginner with this tool. It’s not easy to jump in, I think.

There are examples in Youtube for ProTools setup, but I did not find examples for Nuendo.