Monitoring the Yamaha HS7's

Hi folks,

i just ordered a pair of Yamaha HS7 Active Flat Response Monitors for 320 GBP (from Absolute Music Solutions). i have been researching all my options and finally decided upon these. My best friend has the HS8 and plyed me his Nord Piano thru them. They sounded great (but are too big for my workspace). So i have bought the next model down.

i recently bought (or rather aquired) a beautiful large desk so my workspace is coming nicely together now. i also purchased a pair of (ISO Acoustic) 6 x inch speaker stands to raise the HS7’s to my ear level :-

i will post some pics when i get everything up and running etc,



I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of those speaker stands, can you let us know what your opinion of them is?

At the moment I have two paving stones, 22cm x 22cm x 4cm and some foam under each of my monitors.



Hi Mauri,

i certainly will do. As you can see there are two sizes (and i have ordered the smallest).



Hi guys,

Here are some pics of my new Yamaha HS7 Monitors, Iso Acoutic Speaker Stands, and MoPad Isolation Foam :mrgreen:



Greetings, Paul,

Thanks for the info .

I had a look at you pics, they sure do look the part, better than my two ugly paving stones on each side. Mind you, the pavers do a pretty good job.

Have you experimented to find out how the stands perform, using them versus not using them, what’s the difference, and do you like what you hear?

If you like, I’ll look for your answer on the forum (but PM’s fine), others may be interested…

Thanks heaps mate, all the best,


Hi Mauri,

i did a quick basic test and there is a difference with the BASS FREQUENCIES. This will be due also to the fact the speakers are/were sat directly on a wooden desk. Having the stands eleminates any such unwated resonant issues. The MoPAD Foam provides even more isolation but i do not actually hear any difference so it may be very minute, or maybe my ears are not trained enough in such detailed listening. But in any case, i use them as double precaution regardless.

And of course the stands raise my speakers by 12 x cm which brings the tweaters to ear-level.



Hi again,

In the HS7 manual it says to set the following (rear panel settings) as :-

Volume Level @ 12 0’ Clock which is +4dB (and adjust the Level on the Source).

High Trim @ 0dB (other options are +2dB & -2dB).

Room Control @ 0 dB (other options are -2dB & -4dB).

Is this correct for MIXING purposes please ?? This is the first time i have ever owned such equipment.

Any advice is greatly welcomed !!




Anyone able to help/confirm please ?? i just want to be sure i that i have made all the correct settings before i start any new projects. Ta.

From what I know, the treble and bass pots are generally used for room correction. If you feel that your room is reflecting some frequencies then adjusting the pots may help to achieve a neutral sound.

Thanks Mroekalea,

So they are for getting the sound back to NEUTRAL should you be experiencing any exaggerations or losses in Bass, Mid or Treble ??



Yes that’s it.

You could read-up on things as room acoustics, I’ve done it, but haven’t the possibilities to overhaul my room.

for example:


Ta for the link. Thats great mate !

a link to “decoupling”.

I have one ~30cmx30cmx5cm recycled foam rubber pad (kinda soft but firm) under each monitor on DIY stands on the floor.
It’s just scrap material used for shock prevention for packaging fragile and expensive equipment.
I took it out of the waste bin, swept it in some black cloth and it’s perfect.

…And if you’re interested in profiling the room you intend to record and mix in, this free software tool might help:

Thanks BriHar,

I had a look ta but I think its way too advanced for a novice like myself !! Maybe in a few years !!lol