Monitoring through effects

Hi, I’m a new Wavelab Elements 9 user and a very confused one at that!

How do I monitor through VST effects? I add them to the master section I presume?

I cannot for the life of me work it out or see any setting resembling it. Manual, forum, google - no joy!

Many thanks to anyone who can help

On page 211 of the manual there’s a picture of the Master Section with effects.

Click on Effects at the top of the Master Section to expose the slots to add effects. You can also add effects in a Montage, but start with the Master Section. See page 188 for Montage effects.

Hi, I’d pretty much got that far with the master effects section but no joy.

I’m unfamiliar with exactly what a montage is in Wavelab speak apart from seeming like a multitrack affair but I tried putting a VST in the fx section as a track / channel / clip effect and record enabling/mixing with output and most other options but I’m still none the wiser.

I have to admit I thought it’d be much easier to do. I can monitor thru fx in Cubase but then I can’t have a Cubase project running. If Wavelab was more streamlined to do this in then I prefer to use it.

Any more help much appreciated guys cheers

Would suggest to take a step back, close cubase and run WL only, open the manual and start reading
There are some settings that you need to do first and you need to get comfortable with the interface options, as you might just be bypassing. Get the basics right and everything will fall into place. Commit 30mins and you will have your answer.

Are you trying to monitor live input while recording into Wavelab?

Hi Raphie, thanks for your reply.

Have you monitored through Wavelab 9 Elements with effects applied?

Are you trying to monitor live input while recording into Wavelab?

@misohaza I’m trying to monitor through Wavelab with VST effects applied to the live input. So far I open up the record dialog and manage to monitor the live input but no effects are being applied even though they reside in the master section.

I don’t think you can live INPUT monitor through effects, only OUTPUT monitor
You might have to record first and then apply fx.

Actually I think you would be able to do it with the Audio Input plugin, but that plugin is not available in Elements, afaik.

So is this it? You can’t monitor live audio with a signal in Wavelab Elements? Is it possible in the full version?


As Bob said, you can do it in the full version of Wavelab. I use the input plugin all the time when I work. While I’m mastering a track, I load the input plugin and whatever other effects I want to hear into the master section. When I’m ready to print the track, I record the audio (without effects) into an audio montage, and then I drag the effects from the master section into the montage clip fx area, remove the FX from the master section, and the effects are now applied as clip FX - and they remain editable in the future… That song is then done. I repeat the process again for the next song, and so on…