Monitoring/Two audio files superposed on the same track?


Trying to figure out some stuff in Cubase pro 8.5. Is there a way to activate monitoring of a track and still hear the prerecorded audio? Let’s say I hit record two before the place I actually wants to play, I cannot hear those 2 bar because the monitoring is active. I know the correct way to do this is to activate a punch point and choose a monitoring option like Tape Recorder. But when I do this there’s always a little moment where I play without monitoring, that is the time Cubase takes to activate monitoring. I think in Sonar there’s a recording option called “sound on sound” or something that allows you to do this.

Also, is there a way to superpose two audio file on a single track and be able to hear both file?

The problem is that putting a track into record will silence the track so no matter how you set up monitoring you cannot hear original audio once dropped into record.

I sometimes overdub onto a new track for this very reason.

And no. Other than crossfading there is no way to hear two overlapped sections of audio on a single track.

For me the best way is to turn off direct monitoring in Cubase, and then use my soundcards monitoring.
Recording a band using 32 channels get’s to complicated using double tracks.
One thing that protools does a lot better.

You could duplicate the original track and cut out the audio for the section you intend to overdub and listen to this track. Then when you are done delete the track. Not elegant, but…

Well, I’ve just continued my project with the available monitoring option and I’m doing fine. Thanks for your answers.