Monitoring with presonus 16.4.2 confusion

Hi I’m switching to the sl16.4.2 with cubase. Previously I used the rme ff800.
I am so used to monitoring with the tape machine setting in cubase that I can’t get my head around how it will work in sl.

I’m thinking I should set up the headphone mixes in the aux on the sl and send back the main mix from cubase into the tape in on the sl.
So far so good.
But what happens when I try to punch a player into overdub a previously recorded ( say guitar)track. Will they not hear both the signal from the sl aux and then the one coming back from the cubase main mix. If I turn down their ( guitar) track coming back from the main mix to avoid this how will they hear when to punch in?
Any advice would be great.
I also reckon I won’t need to have on the cubase control room any more which would be great.