Monitors make strange noises with my new PC


Since I got a new PC, my Yamaha HS7 make strange noises when the PC is on.
I have the same setup like before(speakers, interface etc.) with my old PC I did not had this issue.
What can be the reason?

Would something like that solve the problem?

If I move the mouse pointer then the noise is even clearer.
I reconnected the interface to my old PC and I don’t hear anything.

Edit 2:
I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 gen 2 with unbalanced cables

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Sounds like a ground loop and digital noise is bleeding into your speakers.
I’ve had the same problem.
An audio engineer I knew suggested modifying the balanced cables going ot the speakers by cutting (desoldering would be less permanent) the GROUND wire (not the two signal cables). Problem instantly solved. It’s effectively a ground lift - which the isolation box you mention may well do.

It’s a simple enough job to desolder and resolder it if doesn’t work. Perhaps give that a try.

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Not sure if i can do that :joy:

I will order some new cables tomorrow and maybe the isolation box.
Would a USB isolator maybe also fix the issue?

Thank you for the help

You don’t divulge a kind of important detail, the make and model of your audio interface.

If it’s a good one, it has balanced outputs.The HS7 speakers have balanced inputs. Are you using balanced cables? (they would probably be TRS to XLR

If not that’s what you should fix first.

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Sry for not mention it.
I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 gen 2 with unbalanced cables.
I will order balanced cables tomorrow.

I’ll close your duplicate in the German category. Please don’t do that.

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Ok sure no problem.
I thought it would be ok and maybe I would get more input/help

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It’s a Fractal Design Define 7

The balanced cables alone may resolve the issue.
If not then try the ground disconnect approach.

Not sure what the USB isolation box is doing, but I’d be inclined to save the cash and just disconnect the ground on the balanced cable first if the normal balanced doesn’t resolve it. You can do just one cable and speaker to test once you’ve got you balanced cables. Been working for me for years now.



I bought balanced cables today and the noise is gone.
I’m glad that worked.

Thank you all for the help!

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I do not see a issue in this case…
The German forum is not very active and sometimes it takes days to get an answer.
So if it’s urgent, triyng to get help in the international forum makes totally sense.

But I gave answers in the German forum already. Initial answer time was 90 min.