mono audio in to stereo out cubase 10 pro

I have a roland sh-01A synth connected to input 1 of my komplete audio 6 interface. Its a mono output synth so when I play a note I’m only getting sound out of 1 of my stereo outputs (left). How can I route a mono input to stereo output ? there doesn’t seem to be any easy way

Your problem is that you are feeding a Mono signal to a Stereo Input.
Create a Mono input Bus. (F4)
You can rename the various buses you use if you like.
I have for example “Mono Input 1” but also a “Stereo Input 1+2” and so on…

Ive used a mono input bus how do i map that ouput to both channel.s ?

By leaving the panning centered and routing the track to the stereo bus.

can you give me an example of how I do that ?

It is already centred and routed to the stereo out, is there anything else that needs to be done ?

In your first screen cap you haven’t set your audio device or device port for the mono channel you created. Once you do that you should be good to go.