Mono audio tracks do not allow for Mono>Stereo plug ins

So apparently Mono audio tracks do not allow for Mono>Stereo plug ins, nor to change a plug ins IO configuration.

Tested this with a Mono audio track and then with a Stereo audio track. Different behavior.
Tested with plug ins that state they are Mono>Stereo, and they do not do things in Stereo at all on the Mono audio track, only on the Stereo audio track.

Please, will someone enlighten me as to why this is?

Try inserting a Mono>Stereo plug in into a Mono audio track, and see how it does not change the output to Stereo. Sure, you can still pan, BUT the effect remains in Mono. AKA a panner will not pan, a Chorus sounds Mono, etc. Even if you insert a Stereo only plug in.

You also cannot change the plug in IO configuration. It stays Mono, cannot be altered.

Once I placed my mono electric guitar into a Stereo audio track, the plug ins in Stereo now worked as expected.

That, to me, does not make sense. And in other DAWs, does not happen, they change the routing to allow fro Mono>Stereo throughput.

Will someone here Enlighten me please? Thanks.

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Here’s the enlightenment: That’s the way Nuendo “thinks”. :sunglasses:

Nuendo expects you to either create a stereo bus where you have route your mono source to, or to manually create a stereo track to be used for a mono audio-file you drag into it.

… yes, it’s a bit convoluted and not what you would expect from an up-to-date DAW.

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Well for now I’ll be doing this. Cheers.

Sometimes, rarely (LOL JK) an artist wants a change to their sound.
From one thing, to another.
I for one am still practicing the ancient art of foreshadowing / reading people’s minds.