Mono Bus?

Hey guys new Cubase 12 user here. I’m moving over from Studio One. I’ve been searching all over for how to create a Mono Bus in Cubase.
Example: I use Toontrack EZ Bass. It creates a stereo channel. In Studio One, I assign a mono bus and route EZbass to that bus hence creating a temp mono channel until I commit the instrument to mono audio. Is there a way to do this in Cubase? I can assign a mono group but it just plays hard panned Left or Right.


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Add Mono Group track and route the output of the instrument to this Group.

Hello thanks for your reply! Yes I’ve done that exactly and it works . My other question is for mono tracks. My workflow is that I route mono tracks into mono busses sometimes to level them out gently. I’ll do this a couple times, mainly for vocals. The issue here is that I level match them into each mono bus but Cubase’s group channel will show stereo metering. Is this post signal? So it’s showing you the metering as it’s sending out to “Stereo Out”? It’ll take some time but I’ll get used tot this.

Ok I get it now. Everything is post fader metering. I loaded Supervision to check levels and indeed Bussing from one into a Mono Group shows the same level. Hmmm I’m gonna have to really think about how to adapt my workflow to Cubase. It’s definitely not what I expected.

You can set the channel meters to show pre fader… just right click on the channel fader.

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Right-click the meter. Down, you can setup, if it should show Input value, Post-Fader or Pos-Pan.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for !