Mono Button?

Was wondering what the chances are of a mono button?

Aloha j,

I remember reading somewhere that if you use the
‘Control Room’ feature there is a Mono Button feature,
but I may be wrong on this.

I do not use the Control Room but out might be worth a look.


You are correct, the control room has a mono button.


The control room is a great and often underused/overlooked feature of Cubase, well worth a closer look for those that haven’t or don’t think they need it!

free channeltool VST plugin with mono button (windows):


Aloha john,

I seem to remember (from the old forum) that you are a Mac user.

If so this is a free plug
that sounds nice and you can put it anywhere in Cubase
(strips,groups,master,fx etc)

But also keep in mind, C6 also has the
‘StereoEnhancer’ plug which not only expands the stereo image
(like the bx solo plug above) but will also ‘collapse’ it
right down to mono.

You could leave it in the Mono setting but ‘unactivated’ on a
master out and then just click the ‘activate’ button when
you need to check on things.