mono input (1 channel) from the ur22 by default instead of stereo (2 channels) in windows 10

i want to change the “default format” in windows 10 to 1 channel instead of 2, as i only use channel 1 for my microphone. it is impossible to do this using the existing drivers; i have gone as far as to try editing the registry files to force a single channel, but the registry contains gibberish data which can not be interpreted by a measly pleb like myself

anyone in the dev team who could tell me how hard it would be to put this functionality in the driver?

many thanks in advance

Another person requesting this feature.

I love my UR22 but not being able to use it as a regular microphone interface for my pc is really sad. :frowning:

Could someone pleease look into this. I assume it’s not really that big of a task. The only thing that is needed is for windows to recognize one of the inputs as an optional mono microphone input in contrast to now where both inputs are recognized as one stereo input.

I would very much appreciate it if someone looked into it or at least brought it to the attention of those that can look into it. My ur22 is better than focusrite 2i2 in every single way except this one.

Have a good day.

I also want the ability to choose 1 channel from the driver so that when I record with Windows 10 camera I don’t only hear sound from one speaker.