Mono Input Bus


I’m abit stuck and confused — even after some research and reading.

I use an Icon Qcon Midi Controller with Cubase 8 Pro. The Icon Qcon also has the Icon Umix 1008 audio interface built in.

I’ve worked out the basics of creating a Mono Input Bus in Cubase via >>Device>>VST Connections. and I’ve worked out setting the audio track and recording my guitar track ---- all basic stufff I know.

What i cant work out is: I don’t want the Mono Input Bus to show show/be one of the channels on my Qcon Midi Controller. What I am trying to explain is with how i’ve set it up given above, on my Icon Qcon midi controller the first channel of the controller is the Mono Input Bus, then the next one is the guitar track. I want to just have the guitar channel on the Icon Qcon, I’ve worked out how to hide them on the virtual mixer in cubase, but cant work out if i can do what i want on the Icon or how to do it.

Apologies if the above is not clear, or if this seems simple ----- i’ve done as much reading up as i can but im very confused — so any help would be great



I remember, there was this bug in Cubase 8. But has been fixed. Make sure you have the latest Cubase 8.0.40(?) installed, please.