Mono montage?

Hi all!

I’ve been using WaveLab since the late '90s but only recently had to think about delivering mono podcast files. My thought is to create a mono montage so I can work in mono from start to finish with 3 mono tracks, music bed, intro/outro voice over, and dialogue. This way I can set up a template. The closest thing I’ve found so far is to set up a custom audio montage, mode: multichannel dvd-audio compatible, channel: mono, sample rate: 48k. This is what I’m playing with so far, and what I’m seeing is the level meter showing left output only, but audio output is to both L/R monitors.

Is this the right approach? Am I missing something?


Create a Mono Montage but not in Multi Channel format
take the Stereo version as an example and create new tracks in mono
delete the first Stereo track
I think that could work

Ps. Could we have a Montage with 2 Mono track as a Template !?


regards S-EH

Yes, the DVD-Audio mode is the only strict way of doing this, even if it involves no DVD Audio stuff.
This being said, mono montages are not the most used/tested montage.
I would rather recommend a normal stereo montage, even if you only use a mono track, and when rendering, just render to a mono file.

In WaveLab 11, mono montage should be possible without going through the DVD Audio path.

Many thanks, Philippe! If you need a tester I’m your guy :slight_smile:

The normal stereo montage route has been my go-to, and when I need to listen in mono I use my monitor console to check the mix in mono, phase, etc.

Also, thank you for WaveLab and all of the innovations over the years, great stuff!

Please describe a bit more what you do about podcasts.

Whilst I use WL 99.99% of the time for music mastering, I recently did a ton of work (All the voices) for a computer game.
(like 2750 files per language in 7 languages)

I used WL in mono for this, montages for matching levels eq and content checking etc.
I created some batch processes for renaming completed files and dithering etc to final formats.

It worked great.

I did discover that you cannot have a mono reference track, which was a bit of a disappointment.
It would have been a help to be able to use reference tracks that are mono.

Other than that it was an excellent tool for that particular application



Thanks, interesting use case.