Mono outputs/sends

Is there any way of creating a mono out from within Cubase for the MR816 AND decouple it from the Master Level control? I want to hook up mono hardware to use as hardware inserts and my Reamp box. From what I can see, Cubase really wants outputs to be used as studio sends/cue mixes.

Through VST Connections, I can create a mono out, but for the life of me, I can’t actually get any level out of it unless I turn it into a stereo output, then use the Master Level controls in the MR816X Hardware Setup window to turn that up.

What am I missing?


You can set up an external FX channel in VST Connections. Is this what you’re looking for? When I did it, I had to open the MR editor before opening Cubase and set the levels of those I/Os, then save it as a default. Before I did that, the gains for the sends were set to -inf. and there is NO WAY to set them from inside Cubase.

OK, makes sense (saving the default in MR editor). Will give it a try. Thanks.