MONO question

Hello Everyone
I switched from Ableton… and there was a function where you could turn any type of midi or audio into MONO… is there a way to do that in cubase? I know that Midi Isn’t Mono or stereo since its just feeding info not actual audio. Another inquiry that i have is right now am using the JP6K to make a bass sound… for some reason in Cubase, the bass sound (and sometimes other sounds) get panned to the right… i try using the “Stereo Combined Panner” option to make it centered but it stays panned to the right… Also i took out all my inserts to see if maybe an insert was conflicting with the signal but it stays panned to the right… Maybe my connections are set up wrong or some settings within cubase? This problem also happens when i insert in this case (Fab Filter Pro Q “Mono”) and i EQ it. if i try cutting out low frequencies the sound gets panned to the right again.

There’s no way (unless I missed it in the last upgrade) to simply convert stereo audio into mono so what you need to do is export (File menu) the stereo file, ticking the Mono Downmix and Audio Track under Import into Project options. Seeing as you’re new you may not know that in the Path field, clicking the arrow at the right hand end gives you a Project Audio Folder option, which saves browsing. Don’t forget to make sure the loop surrounds the audio you’re exporting and to solo the track.

For MIDI, mono/stereo output depends on the instrument you’re outputing to. You can always force mono by putting a stereo out up a mono group, though. If you’re outputing to an external device you can set it up to have mono inputs back into Cubase. I haven’t done it for a while and can’t quite remember how but I seem to remember the manual was pretty good on this.

Not sure what your problem with the panning is though, sorry.


would be nice to be able to do that …
why dont you post it as a future feature request…
would save a lot of time if there was such a thing …
i dont use the groove agent because of the same thing … i mean a kick drum or snare in stereo ??? nooooooo way…
good post by the way – :smiley:

We can already do this. To convert audio from stereo to mono…

For a clip:

  • Select audio event in project window
  • select Audio / Find selected in pool
  • select Media / Convert files
  • in the Convert options dialogue select mono in the channels field.


For a track:
Add a mono audio track and drag all events on the stereo track to the mono track.

Thanks for reply guys!
I will try to do what u guys told me and let you know how it goes!