Mono Rewire channels with Ableton Live


I posted this (urgent) question in a thread dealing with a Rewire issue in Reason but figured I’d try also posting as a new topic.

Using Live as a Rewire slave, Cubase 6.5 is offering me only stereo Rewire buses. The I/O configuration on the LIve channels offers me the possibility of routing to only Rewire bus 3 but Cubase will not allow me activate bus 3 without creating a stereo bus called 3+4.

I suspect this may be a issue with Live as the Cubase manual states that Rewire channels may be mono or stereo depending on the slave.

Any thoughts?

Hi! I’m having this issue! I want to send a mono audio output from Ableton 10 to Cubase 10.5, but Cubase only let me put stereo inputs from Ableton. Do you know if there is a solution for this?

Thank You!