Mono/Stereo 3-channel audio tracks for (re)amping guitars

I have a Kemper Profiler for electric guitar and bass - and it’s amazing!! I hardly ever even power up my Marshall and Vox valve amps…

But what’s the best way to track with these things? I wanna record 3 channels of audio: the stereo Main out and the mono DI (i.e., before any processing). I’ve played with a few different ways, but none are completely satisfactory:

  1. two audio tracks: one stereo for Main, one mono for DI. The problem here is that now, instead of 5 guitar tracks in my project, I have 10, making it that much more busy and cluttered. Also, any cut/paste/duplicate editing has to be done to both, or they get out of sync and you might as well throw the other one away.

  2. put the two audio tracks in a Folder. Makes the clutter problem a bit better, but also makes navigation and workflow a bit clumsy - now I have to make three tracks for each guitar part I want to lay down. Yeesh!

  3. use one of the 3-channel audio track formats in Cubase, LRC or LRS. I haven’t quite figured out all the routing steps here to make this work for reamping, but I have recorded this way. It does have the desired effect of putting the entire performance into one single track, which is what i want, but it also puts Cubase into “surround” mode, where all the panners on all the tracks now have to deal with that. Stereo tracks seem fine - they can be panned left and right - but Mono tracks now have no panner at all. and I have no idea how much burden this puts on the audio engine, even tho I really am working on a stereo project.

Honestly, it seems like what i really want is a new Cubase audio track format: one that records three tracks at a time, but plays back in stereo - and has a mono send/stereo return using the otherwise unused DI track for re-amping. In some ways, this is similar to what I’ve been asking for wrt Instrument tracks, where I want them to be “chameleons” of a sort: switch between MIDI and (Frozen MIDI) audio modes. Here, I want a guitar track to be either the mono DI track or the stereo “(re)amped” track; I never need both at the same time.

So that’s the “New feature” request: a 3-channel audio track type that switches from either mono (DI) mode, where it sends the mono signal to a (external) processor, and a stereo ((re)amped) mode, which is literally the output of the processed raw mono DI track. So the workflow is this:

  1. record the performance using all three audio signals at the same time, with some amp model processing dialed in to produce the stereo signal
  2. use the performance as stereo, e.g., sending to stereo effects, busses, etc. cut/edit/process like any other stereo audio track
  3. should re-amping be necessary (who among us has not recorded guitars with too much distortion? :slight_smile:, switch modes on the track, such that it is now a mono track (of the DI signal), with a mono-send/stereo-return Insert FX to the re-amper. Play the track, adjust the re-amper to please your wimpy producer that wants less distortion, then hit Freeze on the track to render the mono DI to stereo re-amped and switch the track back to stereo mode.

How cool would that be?

– jdm