Mono to Stereo Track switch

When i insert a chorus or a reverb/delay on a mono Track it should automatic change the Track to Stereo like in Logic. This would be extremly improve the workflow.
I dont want to creat an extra Bus Track for this.


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Or even better, remove mono tracks from Cubase completely. They’re not needed.

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Mono tracks are needed. Most recorded instruments/vocals are mono.
If you use stereo samples with no difference in the sides it is also best to split the channels and use one mono tracks and delete the other.
Stereo tracks are great when something is truly stereo, but otherwise it’s best to keep things mono because mono plugins use less processing power.
Why make your CPU do twice the work for no better outcome.

However there are plenty of times you want a mono signal to go into a stereo effect. This can be done by creating an fx track and sending to that pre-fader and turning the mono track fader down if you want 100% wet.

I know the workaround’s. Logic did this smart, it dont care if it is a mono to stereo plugin or just a stereo. I mean when im processing a track and decide to insert a chorus or a delay on it just to listen how it sound, cubase should be smart enough and switch the track to stereo. Its so simple. No creating buses and sendig things, no converting clips from mono to stereo, no workaround’s just a simple track switch from mono to stereo.

sorry, I was mostly answering the other person about the need for mono tracks.

I will give a vote for this then because it would be nice to ping pong something without changing the tracks config around.

All I can suggest is dragging your mono file (wav or whatever) to stereo tracks before you start adding plugins. It’s not as easy for sure but it works, it looks odd with one mono waveform on a stereo track lol and the only other workaround is a group track.specially used to send individual tracks through as a test of a plugin then route the original track back to the stereo out afterwards. when your done with the test. But you probably have thought off that already.

This looks like a good feature request. 1 vote from me.

You can record a mono source on a stereo track. In fact, it’s the recommended way to keep you from running into these issues with mono to stereo inserts.

Why? Makes absolutely no sense to me.

If you’re running an under-powered system, I can see this being a factor.

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mlindeb - we mix differently, that is all. If I have a stereo sample which is not true stereo I split that to save CPU and because it’s not really stereo in the first place. I hardly every put effects as inserts, I use effects channels. So this is a none issue for me but I can see how this feature would be useful for other. Just like mono tracks are useful as well.

Splitting none true stereo is something that lots of pro mixers and engineers do. There are tools out there specifically designed to go through sample collects and find none true stereo and covert to mono. And Cubase had the option to split channels on import which I use a lot. But they also have a function to convert a two channels tracks to mono, this is great for me if it’s not really stereo in the first place.

If you want to work all in stereo for the occasions you want a stereo effect as an insert that is cool. I’m not a fan of doing that myself, I have an M1 Pro and I see no reason not to save as much CPU as I can. But I can see how that works.

If you are given a large project by a client to mix sometime you need to save CPU, that’s just life.

You mix your way and that’s great for you but also please take into account that others work differently and have different needs.

When i mix large project i end up having so much more tracks at the end because im forced to send tracks to buses just because i want a stereo effect on it. Yes i know that i can creat a stereo track first and move the mono clip in it but its 2022 and i thinks should get easier.

Mono to stereo auto track switch:

  • saving you tracks
  • let you be creative on the fly
  • let you A/B tracks how it sound with a stereo effect
  • just delete the stereo effect and you have the signal back in mono
  • saves you time
    And much more

Vote for it :heart:

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And additionally one click on the channel confguration icon (the one which indicates if the track is either mono or stereo) and the channel can be changed to mono <> stereo (like in Studio One) :slight_smile: :smiley: