mono to stereo track.

I wonder if there is any options , to
convert a mono track, for example
using a mic , recording your voice , which
ofcourse is allways mono.
What i need to do is, convert the recorded
voice audio mono to stereo in cubasis.
I have Cubasis 2.7, and a Ipad Pro
11” ,2018 model.

Another thing is, why cant i use , Ielectric piano
IAAP on one midi / instrument track, then
use the same electric piano on another track.
We are not talking about using Ielectric piano with
different patches for Ielectric piano. just same
sound same midi channel, but i just want to
allso record other part of my piano recording
on other track. but cubasis , says not allowed,
maybe because IAAP dosent allow multiple use
of several tracks, properly Audio Units allso
dosent allow you to use multiple instanses of same
virtaul instrument like Animoog.
I really hope these limitation will be gone in
the future.
Using Audiobus is stressfull, because its not stable
enough, to much trouble.
My Cubasis on my ipad using midi / audio,
IAAP or Audio unit, even using my Irig Duo Pro
sound etc…, cubasis just works perfect and stable.

It could be a great thing to have Halion 6 mini version
on Ipad, that is is one of my big wishes.
Atleast i have Beatmaker 3, this Ipad app, lets you
do things , just like Halion 4, very very power full
app, which you can create true virtual instrument
, with multi sampling , keymapping sampling with
velocity and much much more.

Hi henrikmusic,

Thanks for your message!

As of yet, there is no explicit feature available to convert mono into stereo tracks.
However, using TrackFreeze immediately turns mono into stereo tracks.
Please let us know about your use case, why you’d like to see this option, and if the TrackFreeze workaround works for you to achieve this.

Apple’s Audio Unit format can be more or less seen as the successor of Inter-App Audio.
Please note that we’ve released several articles, which handles the limitations of each format, that should help to answer your questions:

Limitations of Inter-App Audio
Limitations of Audio Unit extensions
Limitations of Audio Unit automation
Limitations of Audiobus 3

In this regard, please note that we’re more or less bound to the technical specifications of these formats.
Therefore we suggest to let them know about your topics, concerns and requests directly.

Thank you for your feature suggestions, which we’ll add to the list.

If possible, please make sure to post one topic per subject, which helps us to track forum topics more easily.

P.S.: Greetings to lovely Denmark… one of the greatest places to be, surrounded with lots of lovely people… :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Lars for your answer.
Sorry i was asking to much, bad habit!.
I will try to learn as much as i can using cubasis
with IAA and audio unit with multiple instanes
of virtual instrument.
You’re right, IAA only allow to send one instance, one
midi track (i think!).
I admit i have diffcult to understand the terminology:
of how exactly IAA and Audiobus works technically.
I have been used to work with Cubase on mac and
pc for many years, Cubase is in my vene, ha ha.
Ipad Daw just work different when using virtual instrument etc.
Maybe IK Multimedia’s IOS app Igrand can handle
mutliple instance in IAA in cubase, maybe in
Igrand settings ??.
Ik Multimedia Igrand and Ielectric has some
bugs and does not support Audio unit, i wish they
I did send an email long time ago, about bugs in Igrand etc, to Ik multimedia, but has’nt recieved any respons from them, nor has Ik Multimedia fixed these problems.


Hejsa Henrik,

Thanks for your message.

Up front, please note that we have several tutorials available which might be helpful for you:

Indeed, while the basics seem similar, there some differences making music with the computer compared to do it on iOS.

While Inter-App Audio apps are limited to one instance per app, for apps like SampleTank there are workarounds available, to use these apps in a multi-timbral environment. However this comes with compromises as well.

You might give it a try to get in touch with our friends at IK Multimedia once more.