mono track but "stereo config"

Being new to 10.5 and the cool new ways to do stuff, i am seeing now if i do add track and chose a mono INPUT (DI for example) I have the option of using of course the main stereo output, but I also have the CONFIGURATION option now for either MONO or STEREO.

what is the main reason/purpose for creating a MONO track but having a STEREO CONFIGURATION? Normally on a mono track, like a guitar solo fro example, i would use a send into a stereo FX, so just curious why the mono track now has an option to be a stereo config.

thanks!! really liking 10.5 coming from v9.

That way it is possible and a personal choice to use a stereo delay or reverb as an insert instead of using a seperate FX channel for that matter.

ahhhhhhhhh, I see. are most of you out there when making mono input tracks such as a single guitar or a vocal, setting them as stereo config or just keeping them as mono? this is new I think. it is a neat feature as far as the dual meters go when showing pans, but its an odd concecpt to have a “mono be stereo”.

For guitars i set the as mono and route the 2 hard panned guitar tracks to a stereo bus for processing.
For vocals i always put them on stereo tracks, not because i use delay or reverb as inserts but more to be able to use other stereo plugins like the waves doubler.

Ok. I guess I will just experiment with these settings and see if it makes sense to change my old ways of mono as mono.

So the main reason this is there is to put have a mono track acting as “stereo” in order to place an insert effect that will respond in stereo. GOT IT.

This is possibly one of the most confusing and frustrating things about Cubase.

Here’s the problem, you want to record a mono source, like an electric guitar. So you create a mono track and then set your mono input and hit record.

That’s fine. The problem is that when you go to add any sort of plug-in Cubase does not automatically tell the plug-in that it’s a mono track (like every other DAW on the market). So you end up with a stereo plugin on a mono track, which can cause phase issues and other problems.

As most of the plug-ins I use are stereo by default, the only solution I’ve found is to always and I mean always create a stereo track and have the input be mono. That way whatever plug-in I add will function correctly.

I honestly have no idea why they haven’t fixed this yet.