mono track do i set an instrument track to mono?
do i have to use a monofier plug in?
for instance,the stereo enhancer plug in with cubase. do i click the mono button and set width to zero? is this correct?

I meant to say.its a bass line,and i know that bassline is best kept in centre.

Instrument Track = stereo
change the panner to one of the other types and move the width to the middle.

thanks.didnt even know that option was there!

Jus because it is a stereo track does not mean the signal is not in center.

ok,so a bassline,with the normal panner at the centre is in “mono” then?
im writing dance music,and i read that" you should always keep ur bassline in mono"
im not being cheeky,but just want to do it right.(no pun intended)

Switch it between mono and stereo, if you notice a difference then it’s not mono,

FWIW, thinkingcap is correct, but I prefer to do it the way JMCecil suggested. The modified panner option in C6 assures you of less side content and I think it is a great option. I just did a mix in SX3 without this and it was painful.

BTW, you’re a drummer, right? If you use the modified panner you can place you snare right of center, or left of you prefer, and it can make a big difference in the mix, even running the OHs dead center in standard panner mode.
Cubase is awesome this way.


grrrr … helping dance music people is against the law … Someone is going to take my prog rock union card away.

Anywhoo … If you are SUPER worried about it, you can buss (yes it’s spelled buss, the other kind is for school kids) your VSTi to a mono audio track. Or, send route to a group, then mono. Either way has the same result. The thing is, a summed stereo out /= mono. You just discover the phase issues earlier in the process. And, as someone pointed out … you should be able to A/B and have them sound the same. Use the Control Room Mono button to check.

EDIT: also, having all mono tracks is not essential, it just solves a problem for mixing for certain situations. You can get the same thing with a stereo track. Just keep checking the mono sum. (The Control Room is the best thing in Cubase!!!)

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