Did my first VST connect session today, it was fantastic - worked really well. The only problem was I recorded a sax player on a stereo track and converted to mono at the end. How do I record a mono track please.

  1. Open Connection Dialog (Cubase standard Shortcut is F4), add a new mono input and leave it unconnected like the stereo vst connect input.
  2. Goto mixer and delete VST Connect Plugin from insert in stereo input and open a new one in mono input.

Now you’re in mono :slight_smile:

I’ll check that out, thanks for the info :v:

Sorry, opened Cubase and this made no seance at all?
Where do I add another Mono input? I have the Audio Connections (F4) open - do I create another mono In The Inputs section or the External Instruments section?
VST Connect Plugin in Mixer? I have nothing in the sends and nothing in the Inserts so where would the VST Connect plugin be located?

yes, create a mono input in Audio Connections, and remove the existing VST Connect stereo input.
VST Connect plugin to be inserted in the input channel insert. In the mixer/racks section make sure inserts are activated, then you can spot them. Also make sure Input channels are visible in the mixer (mixer visibility) if you can‘t spot them.
Pretty basic stuff, pls read the Cubase manual. It does make sense :slight_smile:

My Perf light is permanently Red - what does that mean? (the one directly below sync

andy - take a look in the manual - Page 20 “event monitor”

Gotcha, Im having another go tomorrow, I guess I will need to ask him to unplug his mic before he starts recording (I will do the same) and then plug it back in when he needs to talk, that way it will not get recorded?

When I did record a bit of audio I pressed the HD control and it rendered it to my computer as a stereo file, so I guess its pointless to record in mono anyway.

Could someone decipher this, please -

create a Cue Mix Channel in the Control Room Mixer, install the VST Connect Cue plug-in in that channel, install the VST Connect Monitor plugin after the main output, and create an audio track in the arrangement, which is readily set up to record and chat with a remote artist.

Im guessing I need to do this but - where, what how?

what version of cubase/nuendo are you using - the vst cloud menu should do more of that for you ?

create cuemix channel: Audio Connections/Control Room/Add Channel
Main Output: Control Room Mixer (Studio/Control Room), bottom Tab “Inserts”, unfold Cuemix if not already
Input channel in Studio/MixConsole, Insert