Monogram Palette

I have just bought a Monogram Palette Expert Kit (second hand) but having problems getting Cubase (12 Pro) to recognise the CC-commands from the sliders.
Anyone having this old Monogram model and had luck controlling Cubase?



Use MIDI Monitor to inspect, what MIDI CCs does it send, please.

After having tried all kind of variations yesterday with no succes - today when getting into the studio it seems to work That is I can see the faders moving in e.g. BBS Symphony Orchestra, however, it does rocord the movement on the track. Any Ideas?
BTW thank you for the tip with MIDI Monitor - it showed correct signal coming in.


Assign the Quick Controls, please.

Hi I just wanted to chime in. As Windows 10 Monogram Palette user - it is currently completely unusable in my system. A few seconds after plugging it in it will invariably freeze Cubase 12. It freezes the entire program until I unplug the device. Once I do, Cubase 12 responds again. But I plug it back in and it works momentarily and then freezes the app again. Not sure how to proceed from here, have been at this for a week or so, trying to make it work.

Ask the device manufacturer?

The problem is they don’t support this anymore, it’s a legacy product. Just wanted to see here in the forum if other users have experienced similar issues with the same hardware.

Important to note is that it DID work with Cubase 10.5 (upgrade from 10.5 to 12).

It does work for some, see the above posts.

It’s almost 100% unlikely that a change in Cubase killed the device. I say this so you can direct your troubleshooting efforts elsewhere.

I mean, if it worked in C10.5 and doesn’t in C12 that means it’s definitely something about C12 that triggered it.

Not really. There are other variables in your setup, in the driver for the device if there is one, which you don’t mention, and others, which can’t be known based on the info you provided.

Ok, I’m happy to look for such things if I knew of their existence. It would’ve been nice to know that instead of “not our problem, go ask the developer” from the get go.

Well, I am not employed by Steinberg, so there’s that.

I would be happy to help you if you give more to go on.