Monologue/embracer suddenly not recognised

I have been using monologue and embracer just fine the past two years with Cubase 8.5 with the use of jbridge. However…suddenly I open up a project and the embracer and monologue plugin are not visible. I tried for hours with jbridging them again…creating a ‘synth’ folder…putting the nessessary ‘fxb’ ‘dat’ ‘vstxml’ files in the synth folder too. But the synths are showing up as effects/fx (as inserts)

I have heaps of projects using these plugins. Yes I try padshop…retrologue etc but they can’t replace the sound I like for these great plugins so they are not replacements. Monologue is very distinctive and sounds nothing like retrologue etc. Thankyou in advance


Do these synths work with built-in VST Bridge?

No the in built bridge won’t work on these plugins

I did get j bridge to make these plugins work two years ago with Cubase 8.5 but yesterday they just stopped working and now appear as inserts…although you cannot use them as they are not properly categorized. They are categorized as ‘fx’ under plugin manager

However…I have found a workaround. I spent today installing Cubase 8.5 (32 bit) and I bridged all my 64 bit plugins using j bridge. Monologue…tonic and embracer will work in 32 version of Cubase 8.5. At least I can resuce my songs


Hi, I recently upgraded my cubase 5 to cubase 8.5 (I know I’m v behind the times). Neither monologue or embracer now work on either Cubase 5 or Cubase 8.5 (32-bit or 64-bit). Its like they have disappeared. Is anyone able to send the vst/plug in files so I can run them again? All the links I have found for them are now expired. Would be very much appreciated. I’m using Mac by the way if that makes a difference. Thank you.

Try to use a wrapper like Kushview ELEMENT. This may bypass the problem.

  • You wont see the plugin itself, but you can load it as a ELEMENT VSTPreset from the MediaBay.
  • You`ll have to save and reload your presets manually into ELEMENT.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and for the suggestion, I see this could be a workaround. To get the full plugins back, maybe I will have to uninstall both cubase 8.5 and cubase 5, then re-install cubase 5 from the disc. I have to say it feels very unfair they are now gone from my cubase 5, fair enough if they were not on Cubase 8.5 but I don’t quite understand why they have disappeared from Cubase 5.