Monologue?? Quadra fuzz? Etc Please Steinberg

Hi Steinberg,

Can you please make these old distortion & synth plugins work in Cubase Pro 9 and beyond.

I and probably others have old projects that we’ve used these in & still need them.

Kind regards,

Codsworth :smiley:

Sadly even if Steinberg make these plugins available in C9 they will be 64 bit and will not pick up the presets as they were.
I am afraid that you will have to use 8.5 for those projects or render the parts those projects to transfer to 9.

i wondering why other plugins such as: bitcrusher, magneto, distortion… worked with C9, but QF v1 not.

Probably a licensing issue with QF1 as it was developed out of house.

Ah, +1. And I’ll keep banging on about ModDelay :slight_smile:

Once they’ve finished refreshing 70’s synths and tape fx they’ll start doing Cubase FX from the early days…


Another +1. Steinberg clearly do not care AT ALL about the impact this has on users.

I’ll ask again: PLEASE make the legacy native plugs work in C9. I am facing untold aggro from this dismal, selfish decision.