Monophonic instruments and Midi Input Transformer


I’m trying to trigger several monophonic instruments and play a chord with up to 4 notes.

Can this be done with midi input transformers or if not, is there an alternative method?

Basically trying to do the following:

Play one note and have the midi routed to Ch.1

When 2 notes are played, route the second note to Ch.2

When three notes are played, route to channels 1, 2, & 3.

Thanks for reading.



Aloha u,

Being a MIDIiot from way back-in-da-day
I really appreciate questions like this.

A friend called them: ‘MIDI Mysteries’

From my POV I don’t see how you can do this
with just the MIT (Midi Input Transformer)

A shot in the dark here.

I would start at the controller end.
Perhaps you could ‘zone’ your keyboard so that note # 1 fires on
MIDI channel 1 and note #2 fires on MIDI channel 2 etc etc.

That way what Cubase would ‘see’ is 4 keyboards coming into to it
with each keyboard playing one note each and each on it’s own MIDI channel.

As I said: A shot in the dark

There are many smart MIDI folks on this board.
Perhaps someone will have possible a solution for you.

As MIDIguitar is my primary controller,
questions like this are easy because
using the MIDI Mono mode protocol,
each string on the guitar can fire on
it’s own MIDI channel.

In essence this is what MIDIguitar really is.
6 monophonic controllers with each on it’s own MIDI channel.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks for the reply.

It is a bit of a conundrum! I’ll see if my midi keyboard is capable of doing this…I have my doubts. I have an older Studiologic keyboard that doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but I’ll look into it.

Do you think there is another way to approach getting the same result?

Really what I want accomplish is to be able to play chords on midi instruments like Sample Modeling’s French Horns. From a composing perspective it saves me a lot of time if I can perform the entire French Horn sections parts in real time, rather than having to play them on 3-4 separate midi tracks. This is obviously easy with sample libraries that offer ‘Sus’ patches, but I can’t figure out how to get the same result with several ‘legato’ instruments.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!